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The Profound Somnambulism Protocol Course

Just about to re-launch my Hypno Business after a 2-year break--just didn't feel competent, even after attending very lengthy and very expensive courses... Stephanie, I have watched so far just a few hours of your course and it has already filled (tiny but crucial) knowledge gaps that have re-ignited my passion for hypnotherapy! Can't thank you enough, what a game changer! Can't wait to start helping people."


Tracey Mahon

Clincal Hypnotherapist

Melbourne, Australia



Stephanie, I just want to say thanks again. I took the PSP class with you in Vegas this year and have just started using it with clients, and it's given a whole new bag, baby. Thank you so much!!!"


Jason Tollen

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Denver, Colorado


Did my first PS session and it went pretty much the way it was outlined. Client was a young mother struggling with alcoholism and a multitude of problems. Got some good stuff from her SC, spontaneous healing, and she had amnesia for everything after establishing her Happy Safe Place. Feeling really good about this technique! I highly recommend Stephanie Conkle's Profound Somnambulism course to experienced hypnotists who want to take their sessions to the next level."


Dan Perez

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Houston, Texas


I use Stephanie's PS protocol and get profound results. This is an awesome skill set to have, and I’ve had spontaneous healing with it. Plus, Stephanie and the community of PS practitioners are a fantastic and supportive group!....I like that it is built around opportunities to do regression or parts work."


James Malbon Harrison

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Portland, Oregon 


I got clear and relevant information very quickly that I probably never would have got with IMRs and a clear agreement for change."


Patrick Molloy

Clinical Hypnotherapist

London, United Kingdom


This is an amazing and fantastic course! This protocol goes beyond everything I learned and it's not difficult at all. All I can say is well done, Stephanie. You did amazing work by developing this protocol for good of all of us. And I thank you."


Yasmina Nikolic

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Belgrade, Serbia


Did my first PS session yesterday and it worked! It's so exciting to talk to the SC and hear it talk back to you! I tried to follow the protocol but forgot one step in between. Still got the SC show up. It's also very refreshing to hear the SC talking about the things that client didn't talk about or wasn't aware of. Client only had a little bit memory about the conversation and mostly amnesia. This is going to be my favorite technique!"


Annie Zhou
Hypnotherapist and Life Coach
Los Angeles, CA

"Take this class!! It is amazing!! Stephanie’s simple, flexible, and time-efficient protocol has become an integral part of my practice, and she provides fantastic support for how to facilitate your client’s process once they reach profound somnambulism."


Marion Spurgeon
Clinical Hypnotherapist
Galesburg, IL

You will not be disappointed! Be open to the possibilities and Stephanie will take you to a whole different level of Hypnosis!"


JJ Nick Ramos
Certified Conversational Hypnotherapist
Indianapolis, IN

I use this technique lots!!! It’s a great class and it’s a great tool to have in the hypnotic kit."


Kaz Riley
Sexual Freedom Hypnotherapist
Halifax, England

The PSP is amazing and so far beyond pretty much every protocol out there! It's an essential purchase."


Hamand Vaid
PTSD Hypnotherapist
Melbourne, Australia

This program is AMAZING! It is a MUST HAVE for your professional tool box. I wanted to see for myself what is was like, and it was certainly profound, eye-opening, and amazing!  As a client of Stephanie's as well as a Profound Somnambulism practitioner, I 100% recommend this program."


Nicole Jeffries
Consulting Hypnotist
Batavia, Ohio
I awakened to a new/old me today feeling like I can be ME again and move forward with a clearer path. It was amazing to experience Stephanie C. Conkle’s protocol for myself. I knew how powerful and amazing it was using it with my clients and to have the experience myself was truly remarkable!"


Wendy Flournoy
Certified Consulting Hypnotist
Quinton, VA
Learn Hypnoanesthesia and Glove Analgesia

Amazing power point presentation/information. I loved Stephanie's energy and her demo was fantastic and easy to follow Bravo! -- Joni Neidigh


Great demo!" -- Gila Zak


So freak'n informative!!!!!"  -- Devorah Golden


What I like best about this presentation is the applications of neuroscience and esoteric applications. This will be super helpful!" -- Christina Matthews



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