Learn Hypnoanesthesia and Glove Analgesia (Video Class)


Level up your hypnosis skills and Master Hypnoanesthesia and Glove Analgesia/anesthesia using waking hypnosis as taught by Stephanie Conkle at the 2018 ICBCH Virtual Convention. Lecture and demo.


What Professionals Are Saying:

Amazing power point presentation/information. I loved Stephanie's energy and her demo was fantastic and easy to follow Bravo! -- Joni Neidigh

Great demo!" -- Gila Zak

So freak'n informative!!!!!"  -- Devorah Golden

What I like best about this presentation is the applications of neuroscience and esoteric applications. This will be super helpful!" -- Christina Matthews


Learn Hypnoanesthesia and Glove Analgesia
$65   $30


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