It's a woohoo day, Love!

Have you been blocked or procrastinating on completing a personal or business goal? Or do you need clearly defined goals? Maybe you have those things but are simply ready to take your rate of success to the next level? Whatever your needs are...

Group Coaching with Stephanie Conkle can help!

Learn proven techniques, systems, and skills from Hypno-Success Coach, Stephanie Conkle, right from the comfort of your own home. Let this be your year to finally accomplish those goals, manifest your dreams, and turbo-rocket your success!

When we'll meet

Twice a month on Fridays at 12 PM EST (New York Time). I will add more sessions as more people join to accommodate more folks and to have smaller groups. (Each meeting will be recorded and available for re-plays.) *Time and day subject to change.

Who is this for?

People who have big goals and dreams such as those who are ready to scale their business, change careers, or grow on a personal level.

People who honor and respect commitments, especially to themselves.

People who are responsible for their self-growth but could use the support and accountability a group can provide.

Who is this NOT for?

People who are in dire straights with money and/or need financial or legal advice.

People who need personal one-on-one hand-holding. (Join my mentoring sessions if you need that.)

People who chronically flip-flop on their commitments, especially to themselves, or need rescuing.

What we'll learn

Proven strategies, systems, and techniques to keep you on track and in alignment with your goals. We will also help you brainstorm, mastermind, and remove blocks. We will even have accountability partners. How exciting! 

What's the cost?

$24.99 for your first month
and only
$99 per month

for as long as I coach!* You may cancel anytime. (Sorry, no refunds on missed sessions as they will be recorded and available for replay.)

*That's right. You're grandfathered in at this rate. The price will go up (for others joining later), but it will remain the same for you as long as you remain an active member. 

What's the Structure?

We will start each session with intention centering, then I will give a small motivational talk with suggested exercises or activities followed by Q&A, a/o masterminding, a/o accountability check-ins, sprinkled with a touch of magic and gratitude to top it off.

What's the catch?

There is none. I will offer some upsells from time to time, but that's totally up to you to take advantage of them or not.

Stephanie C. Conkle

"Steph's easygoing, compelling and often humorous style belies her vast knowledge of the subject matter." - Hamand V.

"I instantly gained a new perspective and a new source of energy to use to attack my goals." - Jonathan P.

"Clarity and alignment beget certainty and productivity."

- Stephanie C. Conkle