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Stephanie Conkle

Turn (Almost) Anyone Into a Somnambulist

Video Webinar. My specialized course equips hypnotherapists with proven strategies to guide analytical and low-hypnotic responders into deep trance, fostering remarkable breakthroughs and profound transformations in clients, elevating their practice and creating lasting impacts.

$49.99 $25 

The Profound Somnambulism Protocol

Video Certification Course. Gain the confidence to effortlessly guide clients into deep hypnotic trance and communicate with their Subconscious in complete sentences, bypassing ideomotor responses. Harness the power of the Higher Self and Collective Consciousness for astonishing results, including instantaneous healing in a single session, achieving profound outcomes with ease.

$2997.99 $997

Smoking Cessation Protocol

Video Class. Master the art of helping even the most resistant smokers, chewers, and vapers quit their habit effortlessly using a straightforward and engaging smoking cessation process, reinforced with real-session videos, enabling you to confidently approach clients and facilitate their journey towards a healthier lifestyle without relying on scripts.

$549.99 $199

Easy and Effective Resistance Clearing

Video Class. Stephanie Conkle offers a solution for hypnosis resistance, providing an easy suggestibility test to assess client readiness and simple techniques to clear resistance, empowering practitioners to guide clients towards transformative experiences with confidence and efficacy by addressing the roots of resistance, including unconscious fears.

Power Planning for Money Mastery

Video Class. Discover strategies that harness the incredible potential of your Subconscious mind to bring you financial success. In this engaging presentation, you'll learn effective techniques on how to unlock your full potential for wealth and success using subconscious and superconscious processes. These simple yet powerful strategies can be implemented immediately, helping you earn and attract more money into your life. Get ready to take control of your financial destiny!

Hypnoanesthesia and Glove Analgesia

Video Class. Level up your hypnosis skills and Master Hypnoanesthesia and Glove Analgesia using waking hypnosis, based on the work of Dave Elman, as taught by Stephanie Conkle at the 2018 Virtual Convention and the 2023 Dave Elman Legacy Conference. Yes, you read that correctly. Waking hypnosis! No deep trance is required for analgesia/anesthesia if done properly!

$99.99 $50

Healing the Inner Child

Pre-recorded Webinar: Guide your clients on an incredibly moving session that will take them on a profound journey of self-discovery and healing, courageously exploring the depths of their psyche, uncovering and nurturing the tender childlike aspects that reside within them. This trance-formative experience promises to ignite powerful changes within your clients.

$29.99 $25 

PowerPoint Hypnosis Pre-talk

Downloadable PowerPoint: Your pretalk can make or break your session. Remove fear and set expectations for your clients with visual representations using this powerful pretalk using PowerPoint! Never forget what to say. Prime your new clients with confidence. PowerPoint Slides for you to download, keep, use, and alter as you wish. Plus a training class is included. (Click on the picture above for more details.)

$29.99  $25 

Waking Hypnosis Webinar

Pre-recorded Webinar: While teaching his medical hypnosis course to doctors and dentists, Dave Elman said that all hypnotists should be trained in both Waking Hypnosis and trance state hypnosis. In this webinar, I guide you through a series of easy Waking Hypnosis experiences that you can use with your own clients to get them into hypnosis in a creative way simply by using the imagination and the power of suggestion. (Click on the picture above for more details.)

$29.99  $25

S.L.E.E.P./ How to Make an Induction out of Absolutely Anything!

Video Webinar: Inductions are much simpler than one might think. In this class recording and video demo, you will learn how you can create an induction out of absolutely anything...and I mean ANYTHING. This is the most fun basic hypnosis class I teach, and even an amateur hypnotist or a hobbyist can learn it.


Read to be Hypnotized

PDF: What if you had a way to hypnotize someone just by handing them something to read? And they went into hypnosis quickly without you saying a word? And all you would need to do is a little bit of deepening to get right to the change work. How cool would that be? Well, that technique exists! It’s Stephanie Conkle’s, Read and Be Hypnotized induction.

$19.99 $7

Attraction Meditation for Hypnotists

Audio Recording: For professional hypnotists and hypnotherapists. Use this light trance guided-mediation daily to help attract more clients, gigs, and money. You will be relaxed and feel happy as your Subconscious makes power adjustments at the unconscious level.

$29.00 $9

Happy Person. Happy Life

E-book. More than a self-help book, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist Stephanie C. Conkle, reveals her "Recipe for Happiness" using a proven formula based on sound neuronal research that anyone can do. If you want to get happy fast and stay happy, this book is for you. When applied over 21 days, the simple steps kick in to dramatically reduce depression symptoms, naturally, and your "background happiness" will endure.

$27.00  $7.99


E-book. This book explores the profound capabilities of the subconscious mind as a wise and loving guide, offering insights into how tapping into this inner resource can enhance decision-making, intuition, creativity, emotional intelligence, and stress management.

Through real-life examples and practical guidance, readers are encouraged to develop a deeper relationship with their subconscious, practices to unlock their ultimate power within and achieve personal transformation.


John Cleesattel

The Manager's Meeting

Hypnosis Technique (PDF). John Cleesattel's The Manager's Meeting

This e-book unveils the "Managers Meeting" hypnosis technique, a versatile adaptation of Parts Therapy and the 6 Step Reframe techniques, empowering practitioners to address root causes of unwanted behaviors and negotiate positive outcomes through direct communication with subconscious managers.


Weight Loss Intervention

Hypnosis Technique (PDF). John Cleesattel's Weight Loss Intervention

This program advocates for holistic weight loss through structured diet, realistic portion sizes, increased activity, hydration, and stress management, empowering clients to choose their preferred diet while utilizing hypnosis to facilitate adherence and success, emphasizing understanding and providing tools for effective outcomes without reliance on office scales.


Stop Smoking Intervention

Hypnosis Protocol (PDF). John Cleesattel’s Stop Smoking Intervention

A comprehensive smoking cessation hypnosis protocol designed to empower hypnotists in guiding clients towards a smoke-free life. Developed by John Cleesattel, his famous program offers step-by-step training in personalized intervention strategies, equipping practitioners with the tools needed to facilitate lasting change.


Pre-Talk and 10-5-1 Induction

Hypnosis Script. John Cleesattel’s Pre-Talk and 10-5-1 Induction

Learn John Cleesattel's coveted pre-talk and induction technique for hypnosis sessions, emphasizing the subconscious mind's natural abilities in automatic reactions and adaptation. Prepare clients for deep trance exploration and potential demonstrations of hypnosis phenomena.


Hypnosis Mechanica

E-book. Hypnosis Mechanica. By John Cleesattel

Dive into the captivating world of hypnosis with "Hypnosis Mechanica" by John Cleesattel, offering expert insights into its psychological and physiological workings. This hands-on guide provides practical techniques and exercises for both novice explorers and seasoned practitioners, unlocking the transformative power of hypnosis in everyday life.


The Nature of Trance

E-book. The Nature of Trance. By John Cleesattel.

Embark on a journey into the depths of the mind with "The Nature of Trance" by John Cleesattel, unraveling the complexities of hypnosis and trance phenomena. Through vivid anecdotes and practical exercises, Cleesattel empowers readers to harness the transformative power of suggestion, unlocking new levels of awareness and personal growth.


Roy Hunter

Spiritual Hypnosis With Roy Hunter

Video Certification Course: If you could ask God (or your perception of "Higher Power") one question, and receive an immediate response, what would you ask? Roy Hunter, the editor of The Art of Spiritual Hypnosis (2016, Blooming Twig Publishing), created a workshop based on that highly-praised anthology containing case summaries from over two dozen experienced and respected professionals from around the world.


Hypnotic Regression Therapy

Video Certification Course: Help more clients and add great value to your hypnotic treasure box by learning Client-Centered Hypnotic Regression Therapy. In this 2-day course, Roy Hunter and Bruce Eimer, Ph.D. will co-present a special online live workshop hosted by Stephanie Conkle.


Roy Hunter’s 2-Day Parts Therapy Online

Video Certification Course: The Parts Therapy workshop is experiential and is a MUST for any hypnotherapist not totally familiar with parts therapy or one of its variations. Often using different names, others emulate this profoundly beneficial technique taught and practiced by the late Charles Tebbetts.


Stephanie Conkle's Live Trainings

Hypnosis Mentorship with Stephanie

Mentors are extremely important when learning and honing your craft in the hypnotic arts. I coach and guide you with both the hypnosis side and the business side of your practice. 

Live Online Training

I hold live online training throughout the year. Watch here (and on Facebook) for promos. Prices vary depending on the class.

Advanced Hypnotherapy Courses

You've learned the basics. Now it's time to level up your skills with Stephanie Conkle's comprehensive advanced intensive hypnotherapy course.