How to Turn (Almost) Anyone Into a Somnambulist

Learn how to get your analytical and low hypnotic responders into deep hypnosis, keep them there, and have them become somnambulist for you every time you work with them. (Click on the picture above for more details.)

Spiritual Hypnosis With Roy Hunter

If you could ask God (or your perception of Higher Power) one question, and receive an immediate response, what would you ask?

Roy Hunter, editor of The Art of Spiritual Hypnosis (2016, Blooming Twig Publishing), created a workshop based on that highly-praised anthology containing case summaries from over two dozen experienced and respected professionals from around the world.

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Waking Hypnosis

When teaching his medical hypnosis course to doctors and dentists, Dave Elman said that all hypnotists should be trained in both Waking Hypnosis and trance state hypnosis. He felt that the two should be used interchangeably and that the most skilled hypnotists in the world use both equally.

My philosophy is that we learn best when we have fun. In this class. I guide you through a series of easy Waking Hypnosis experiences that you can use with your own clients to get them into hypnosis in a creative way simply by using the imagination and the power of suggestion.

Easy and Effective Resistance Clearing

Resistance to (and in) hypnosis springs up for many reasons, including bad information, lack of rapport, dreading the loss of control, but all reasons for resistance to hypnotism springs from an unconscious fear. Learn how to eliminate these fears and resistance for your clients today.

The Profound Somnambulism Protocol

Get clients into a deep trance. Talk directly to the Subconscious and have the SC talk back to you in full sentences without the need for IMRs. Access the Higher Self when needed. Get profound results quickly. Get spontaneous healing. (Click on the picture above for more details.)

Learn Hypnoanesthesia and Glove Analgesia

Level up your hypnosis skills and Master Hypnoanesthesia and Glove Analgesia using waking hypnosis as taught by Stephanie Conkle at the 2018 Virtual Convention. (Click on the picture above for more details.)

Power Planning for Money Mastery

Power Planning: Strategies that utilize the Subconscious to bring you financial success

This presentation teaches strategies on how to become more successful and wealthier using subconscious and superconscious processes. You will learn simple techniques that can be implemented right away to earn and attract more money.

PowerPoint Hypnosis Pre-talk

Your pretalk can make or break your session. Remove fear and set expectations for your clients with visual representations using this powerful pretalk using PowerPoint! Never forget what to say. Prime your new clients with confidence. (Click on the picture above for more details.)

Attraction Meditation for Hypnotists and Hypnotherapists

For professional hypnotists and hypnotherapists. Use this light trance guided mediation daily to help attract more clients, gigs, and money. (Click on the picture above for more details.)

Client-Centered Hypnotic Regression Therapy

Help more clients and add great value to your hypnotic treasure box by learning Client-Centered Hypnotic Regression Therapy. In this 2-day course, Roy Hunter and Bruce Eimer, Ph.D. will co-present a special online live workshop hosted by Stephanie Conkle. (Click on the picture above for more details.)

Roy Hunter’s 2-Day Parts Therapy Online Workshop Co-hosted by Stephanie Conkle

The Parts Therapy workshop is experiential and is a MUST for any hypnotherapist not totally familiar with parts therapy or one of its variations. Often using different names, others emulate this profoundly beneficial technique taught and practiced by the late Charles Tebbetts. (Click on the picture above for more details.)

Read to be Hypnotized

What if you had a way to hypnotize someone just by handing them something to read? And they went into hypnosis quickly without you saying a word? And all you would need to do is a little bit of deepening to get right to the change work. How cool would that be? Well that technique exist! It’s Stephanie Conkle’s, Read and Be Hypnotized induction.

Live Online Training

I hold live online training throughout the year on different and relevant topics. Watch here for promos. (Click on the picture above for more details.)

3 Month Hypnosis Mentorship with Stephanie

Mentors are extremely important when learning and honing your craft in the hypnotic arts. I coach and guide you with both the hypnosis side and the business side of your practice. (Click on the picture above for more details.)

Advanced Hypnotherapy Course

You've learned the basics. Now it's time to level up your skills with Stephanie Conkle's comprehensive advanced intensive hypnotherapy course. (Click on the picture above for more details.)