Level up your hypnosis game!

Have you ever played a video game and found yourself stuck on the lower levels while others quickly surpassed you? You were doing everything right and slowly learning, but just not advancing fast enough? You may have figured other people who were dominating the leaderboard had some kind of inside knowledge that you weren't privy to.

I train professionals how to master the most superior skills of the hypnotic arts. So many people get certified in hypnosis and then think...and now what? They haven't been properly taught how to do the therapy side of hypnosis. (And, let's face it, some haven't even acquired the basic skills to produce really good hypnotic phenomena.)

I take hypnosis students of all levels, from newbies to seasoned hypnotherapists, and guide you into even higher levels of success. I get you out of the box and trusting in yourself, so you can feel more confident and assured. I give you better protocols so you can give up depending on scripts and have more intuitive and powerful sessions, tailored to each individual client yielding better results. When you get better results and seriously trance-form the lives of your clients, word of mouth spreads like wildfire, which grows your business and boosts your bottom line. Who doesn't want that?

"Just about to re-launch my Hypno Business after a 2-year break--just didn't feel competent, even after attending very lengthy and very expensive courses... Stephanie, I have watched so far just a few hours of your course and it has already filled (tiny but crucial) knowledge gaps that have re-ignited my passion for hypnotherapy! Can't thank you enough, what a game changer! Can't wait to start helping people."

Tracy Mahon
Clinical Hypnotherapist
Melbourne, Australia

Sure, some schools may teach certain techniques like smoking cessation hypnosis and weight loss hypnosis, but they stop there. And usually, lots of scripts are involved. There are too many "hypnosis practice in a box" classes out there that only teach a very limited view of hypnosis.

If you're stuck on the lower to mid levels of the hypnosis game, you can relax and feel good now that you’ve found me, because I reveal the power-ups, cheat-codes, and hidden strategies to give you the ability to level up quickly and place you on the hypnotic leaderboard.

We will have so much fun doing it together when you are ready to advance...now! 

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